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Do Less to Succeed More!

Photo by Lauren Mancke on Unsplash

Every company is asking you to download an app and then you use it to minimize your efforts. It claims to help you do your work properly. While in reality, what it does is distract you often enough to not be able to do your work properly.

When this happens, we assume that we are cycling an unproductive cycle and if we stop, we will fall! Whereas, if we really stop paddling and just remove the blindfold, we will notice that the whole world is cycling blindly. But, everyone can choose to remove the blindfold. They are just too afraid of missing out on things.

Gary Keller is one of the most celebrated Real Estate Investors of the US and is famous for his productivity and clear thinking. He is the head salesman of the notion – Do less to Succeed More.

This post is going to deal with the idea that we all need to do less, consume less, work less, to earn more success in our endeavours. This practice is very important in this Information overdose universe. There is an overflow of information, everywhere you go.

To understand how to be productive, we need to understand what we are doing wrong.

1. Multitasking is the key to success, *said no successful person ever*

It is often assumed that multitasking will take you places, whereas the only place it takes you is the ‘Delusional Island’.

While multitasking all day long makes you believe in the myth that you are productive since you worked all day.

But what you are essentially doing is just ferociously switching your focus between tasks.

Humans cannot focus on two things at once.

While you might give me the example of talking while walking is multitasking, I will give you a well researched and egoistic answer that it isn’t.

You can do two tasks together which require minimum focus easily. But when it comes to doing two things which require Higher levels of consciousness, you will fail often.

According to The National Safety Council(US) reports, 1 in every 4 road accidents happens because people are using a phone while driving. And driving requires intense concentration.

While we expect surgeons and scientists to work deeply without distracting themselves, we are the ones contradicting the idea ourselves.

Our work might not look as important as a surgeon’s but in the long run, it is as important.

And as written in the book: “The one thing”

"Juggling is an Illusion"

To a layman, juggling might seem like concentrating on 5 balls at once. But what the juggler is really doing is that she is focusing on one ball at a time and then switching her focus to the next one.

It takes time to switch back to your original task after switching your focus back a distraction and it will make the work you are doing take longer to finish with more mistakes or screwups.

My Super cute Powerpoint skills

2. You don’t need to be Disciplined to be successful.

“It’s one of the most prevalent myths of our culture; self-discipline.”

I am very intimately connected with this myth. I used to think that I just need to do everything on time and I will become better and sorted in life.

I tried doing everything on time for 6 months- Exercising, Reading, Writing, Eating, Thinking, Playing, Meditating.

And as you might guess, I flunked real nice.

I couldn’t even do one thing well when going for life with discipline in every sphere.

*Oh the Depression*

Success is not measured by how disciplined you are but by how many good habits you have.

You just need to build one good habit at a time.

I have stopped working on an all-round disciplined life and have started to focus on just one part- Writing. And to my surprise, I am feeling more happy, successful and hardworking in every other sphere of my life.

“You can become successful with less discipline than you think, for one simple reason: success is about doing the right thing, not about doing everything right.”

More on Habit building in future blogs.

3. Picking up one thing

Photo by Jonas Svidras from Pexels
Pick One thing up and let all the other things blur out!

There is a myth that if a person knows multiple things then he will earn more.

You can earn much more by being really good at one thing than being just good enough at multiple. Just focus on one thing, one skill, one passion, one discipline, one goal, one idea.

You will be missing out on opportunities but this is how it works.

If you pursue multiple things at once, you will become Jack from the–

“Jack of all trade and master of none.”

In this information-driven world with the Internet as its flag bearer, opportunities are never-ending and this is very inspiring. But to this very bright side, the shadow is made up of an overwhelming number of choices to pick from.

Most people like to do or pursue multiple things at once and screw up badly.

It is rather easy and multifold rewarding to be good at one thing.

4. Purpose 

“If you don’t have a place to go, why would you take a cab?”

For doing great things, a person needs to think bigger than his selfish goals.

He needs to have a core goal which makes him a person he is looking forward to being.

The purpose can vary from wanting a more accepting society to making a change in the way people treat animals or being paranoid about making space travel affordable for everyone.

It should really be what you want in the core of your heart.

Think of your Purpose as the innermost layer of the onion and all your other passions and habits as surrounding that layer. Everything must end at your purpose.

And for finding your purpose, I have written something.

My purpose btw is to be a great philosopher and a great storyteller in 10 years.

PS-Purpose can change with time but shouldn’t change every week. Take time before deciding it.

One Way Traffic is the best kind of traffic!

5. Blocking Time for Important Shit


“Don’t start with this again.”

I can hear you guys. I really wish I had a better answer for this. You have to block time for yourself.

You have to set up a meeting with yourself.

You have to practice your craft for long hours in tranquility.

It may sound weird but you have to work without any distraction come what may.

Most of the time, people only want you to give a quick answer to ‘if and when can things be done?’ Designate a time to them and work on your craft.

But when there is a real urgency, you must block your time for your one important thing for later that day. It must not be skipped. That’s the trick.

6. Chaos

Photo by Sander from Pexels
Ignore some clutter! Work on your Craft!

When you are giving up a disproportionate part of your time to honing a skill, other things will become shaky.

Getting overwhelmed by it is normal yet thinking of your purpose at all times should be built in as a habit to overcome this feeling.

Essentially, you are on the path of greatness in one thing, which requires you to be ordinary at all others.

You may find yourself surrounded by dusty desks, piled up clothes, and many other forms of Clutter, but Albert Einstein has a great quote, to answer this problem-

“If a cluttered desk is the sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then is an empty desk a sign of?”

–Albert Einstein

7. Setting Big Goals

Simple concept. Everyone knows. No one executes.

Because it is unreal to achieve such a huge goal.

Imagine, if you could be whatever you want to, but nothing less. Wouldn’t you aspire to be really good in your field?

I have understood one thing about great people which they do differently than others–They think big. Relentlessly.

Everyone talks about their hard work but no one talks about their thoughts and believes.

Big Goals need big efforts. Of course. But successful people have just as much time as you do. So why not think big.

I am a little sceptic about being the best because there are and have been so many greats that it is next to impossible getting past them. The goal should be to fall in love with the process. Enjoy it to no end. For that, you have to spend a lot of time alone practising your art.

Keep the targets numeric to be not to get distracted from them.
For Ex – Creating and posting a 5-minute Short film twice a month on YouTube.

This will hone your skills and will not give you depression or an existential crisis about your job. *It is REAL*

We believe that successful people are cut from a different cloth just to comfort ourselves about our weak work ethics. While the reality is that they have achieved so much in just as much time as we have.

This fact can piss you off or can be tremendously liberalising. In a way become as good as anyone out there only if you dare to spend a lot of time practising and falling in love with the process.

Now it is easy to get overwhelmed by these big goals. So, we must break down our goals in such a way that they tell us what we need to do every day.


While it is easy to get distracted in this information-driven world, it is more important to stay on track with what you do and how you do. Doing less is key.

Think of the master in your field and read his/her history. He/she must have been really good at one thing and then started to improve other skills.

To summarise,

–Do one thing at a time at all times.
–Make one thing a habit before moving on to another.
–Take your time to Find a Purpose.
–Set-up meetings with yourself every day.
–Accept the other unorganised parts of your life.
–Planning big and breaking it down.

We all are together in this endeavour.
Let’s Fall in love with the process.

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