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Daksh Haldhar

I am an Indian who is crazy about books and knowledge in general.

I research and write on topics which I find interesting and satisfy these two conditions –
-Talked About
-Less Understood

I also edit the pictures and do other creative works(if there are).

This is more of Content Writing website than a blog for me.

I occasionally post Reviews of books which have stood out for me.
And at the year end, you can always see the list of books which I have read.

Right now, this is what I do full-time so I will be glad if you subscribe to my E-mail list and/or share any of my blog posts with your friends.

Naman Vijayvargiya

He is a Tech Enthusiast whose works include pushing Daksh to write something, and then to proof read what Daksh has written.

But most importantly, he is the guy behind how this website works. He did everything from scratch for the Technical part of this website.